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The kitchen was once little more than just a mundane room where food was prepared and cooked. It is a central part of the household, and some may even say that it is the soul of the house. But kitchen spaces have come from far to include some of the most high-tech kitchen appliances designed to not only make cooking easier but also to transform a drab kitchen into a contemporary one - in fact, towards the future we all thought we would be living in today, like the Jetsons did (remember those cartoons?). Homeowners today are demanding specialty devices that make the kitchen more of a trophy room than an area previously used for cooking and dining - it's almost as if today's homeowners are trying to outdo each other with the latest gadgets in kitchen technology.

Take, for instance, the antiquated juicer - remember the days when we all used that old, funny looking contraption to squeeze oranges and lemons? Now it's a veritable arms race. Each one of them has features you never thought would have been possible. The same is true for industrial strength machines that are now made compact and readily available for every kitchen.

Granted, these appliances may set you back a couple hundred of dollars or quid or euro, but for the convenience and the added value they bring to a kitchen, their value is second to none. It's recommended to find some good reviews online or advice from an expert on the appliance your looking for.

You're talking about ovens that get everything from cakes to turkey in absolutely perfect fashion - all you need is to prepare. You're talking about juicers that get every single iota of juice from a pulpy fruit, without a single piece of pulp getting through the final product. You're talking about deep fryers that do not use a single drop of oil - oil that would otherwise make it fatty and unhealthy.

Now some may be asking the question, yeah, but do I really need it? What can it do that my old deep fryer can do? What can it do that my old gas stove can't?

It's natural - every innovation will face a little bit of resistance as always.

But even with all the fuss, there are certain essential kitchen appliances that one must have. The top 3 latest and important tools in a modern kitchen we've found so far are the ones that follow - anything other than these 3 is just gravy.

1. The Tovala Smart Oven

There is no perfect oven in existence - but the Tovala Smart Oven comes pretty damn near close. The oven looks like a microwave; a well designed and expensive one. You are likely to find the Tovala smart oven in a modern high end apartment that has been fitted with all the top kitchen appliances. It boasts of impressive functions such as a countdown timer that you can monitor from across the room and a laser scanner designed for reading bar codes on the lids of compatible prepared meals that are sent directly to you. The smart oven is also equipped with cooking instructions for all compatible meals and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can use some of the recipes stored in the cloud.

2. The NOVIS Vita

In this social climate where juicing and smoothies have become the norm, you definitely want to include the NOVIS Vita in your kitchen. This appliance can juice citrus fruits, and it can also act as a centrifugal juicer. Juicer Cruiser has more on this, you can check out their reviews at
The NOVIS is a three in one machine to include a juicer, a smoothie maker, and a citrus extractor. So far, very few devices on the market are capable of pureeing, making smoothies and extracting juice from citrus fruits and although you would need to part with about $500 to own the machine, it is worth every penny.

3. The Tefal Actifry

It is extremely rare to come across an individual that does not love fries. Skinny fries, greasy ones or chunky ones, fries are one of nature’s finest gifts. The Tefal Actifry is a counter top low-fat fryer that can cook fries with just a spoonful of oil. The health benefits of using the Actifry are immeasurable, which makes this one of the top must have modern kitchen appliances. The machine is not cheap, but if you are health conscious, it is a device worth having in your kitchen.