How Heart Rate Monitors Connect to Your Mobile Phone

These days, you can use your mobile phone when working out. There are plenty of units out there that can pick up signals from a heart rate monitor, but make sure that the unit you want can work easily with different wireless heart rate straps.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, you can also track your fitness levels, calories burn, etc.

Chest-worn device

Heart Rate MonitorsYour mobile unit can safely communicate with your chest-worn heart rate monitor. Make sure that you choose a monitor that notifies you if it’s already measuring your heart, or it lights up when it’s connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth.

Other heart rate monitors have other features that can collect data, besides your heart or pulse rate.

Improve efficiency

There are tons of units that you can purchase with built-in accelerometer. This is a useful feature as it can measure your running to help improve your efficiency while reducing your risk of suffering from injury.

You can also connect it to your treadmill or stationary bike. Of course, you need to choose a unit that’s not only designed for outdoor training, but luckily it’s great for indoor workouts because it allows you track your speed and distance while you’re using your favorite fitness equipment at home or in a gym.


Before you can connect your monitor to your smart phone, you will need a particular fitness application, and that app doesn’t have to be a paid program. Once you download the right app, you can start tracking your heart rate, distance, pace, and calories burned.

There are a lot of things that people like about a heart rate monitor. Each unit has its own features, so if you want the best heart rate monitor of 2015 you need to find the one that can provide you the data you need for your fitness routine.

If you like running as your workout, a heart rate monitor can help you improve the smoothness of your workout. With it, you will know whether or not you are running as smooth as you want it to be. Through the information you have gathered, you can become not just a safer runner but also an efficient runner.